New Customers:

There is a risk-free, one-time set-up fee of $30 due with your first order. This fee covers the use of Whole and Nourished coolers, ice packs, jars, and lids. Please visit the FAQ for more information. Gift card redeemers are exempt from this fee.  Simply add "New Customer One Time Fee" to your cart with your first order, and start enjoying the benefits of healthy food at your doorstep! 

  • Delivery available within 8 miles of downtown Bozeman and within Livingston city limits for $10.
  • Delivery available 8-12 miles of downtown Bozeman for $15.
  • Do you live outside of our delivery range? Would rather pick-up than pay the fee? Pick-up is available at the LFRC on Monday 11am-6pm and at Farmacy - 83 Rowland Rd. in Bozeman on.

Due to staffing shortages, there will be fewer than usual fresh menu items through the month of May. 

May 10th Delivery - Ordering Now Closed