Whole and Nourished

Vision: A community that is nourished by, connected to, and educated around fresh, local and wholesome food. 

Mission: Whole and Nourished sources, cooks and delivers high quality, locally grown and delicious food. We connect individuals in our community: to the food that nourishes them, to the farmers who raise it and to those with whom they share their sustenance. We educate around the importance of local, high-quality food and the mind-body connection. 





"My soul is my guide." - Rumi

About Heather

Whole Foods Cook, Eating Psychology Coach, Foodie, Traveler, Skier, Adventurer  & Life-long Learner

My life thus far has been a journey in finding my passion, connection, and purpose.  I've allowed the world to be my teacher, and this soul search has taken me  around the world and back!   All of the ups and downs, twists and turns,  uncertainty, thrill, and discovery have been invaluable blessings. I've certainly found passion: for travel, skiing, rock climbing, the outdoors, wellness, movement, food, cooking, and spiritual connection. I wondered: Could I take turn hobbies into something more meaningful?

Discovering work in mind-body nutrition and whole foods cooking has allowed me to turn my passions into my profession.  I am incredibly grateful for having found a career and lifestyle that allow me to share what I love, connect with my community and have a healthy and nourishing impact on others.

Cooking for others allows me to do what 
I love, so that others have the energy and time to do what they love.

“When we relate to our bodies as having soul, we attend to their beauty, their poetry and their expressiveness. Our very habit of treating the body as a machine, whose muscles are like pulleys and its organs engines, forces its poetry underground, so that we experience the body as an instrument and see its poetics only in illness.” 

- Thomas Moore



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