We nourish our community with locally grown food so that people, farmers and the local economy enjoy greater health.

Vision: A community that is connected to and nourished by its own farmers and ranchers. 

Mission: Whole and Nourished sources, cooks and delivers high quality, locally grown and delicious food. We connect individuals in our community: to the food that nourishes them, to the farmers who raise it, and to those with whom they share their sustenance. 

Heather Babineau-Z

Owner, Chef

Foodie, Skier, Adventurer & Life-long Learner

While working for over a decade in the ski industry, Heather pursued her many other interests as summer jobs and hobbies: holistic health, nutrition, organic farming and whole foods cooking to name a few. After seeing a need in her community for convenient, high-quality, full prepared meals, she started Whole and Nourished in May 2017.

Heather enjoys sharing what she is so passionate about: connecting with others through food while contributing to local agriculture and her community's overall health and wellness.

Sarah Yarlott

Prep Cook, Cook, Baker

Mountaineer, Foodie, Jill-of-all-Trades

Sarah is a native Montanan hailing from Missoula. She has worked with food for over a decade - many of those as a professional baker. Sarah believes the healthiest communities are those that eat local. When not in the kitchen, Sarah can be found recreating in the high country, tending to her plants and pets, traveling, and taking photographs. 
Kaylee murray

Prep Cook, Cook

Skier, Foodie, Lover of All Things Outdoors

Growing up on the seacoast of New Hampshire, Kaylee has always had a fascination for the outdoors and the environment. That sense of wanderlust led her out to the University of Colorado, where she recently graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and Geography. For Kaylee, cooking is the most tangible way to connect to the environment and positively impact our food systems. She is excited to continue her pursuit of creating delicious meals in the kitchen and finding new adventures within the mountains at her new home base in Bozeman, Montana. 


Prep Cook, Cook

Food Lover, Adventurer, Ocean Dweller, Dancer

Food has always been an integral part of Lea’s life. Even as a child, her favorite place was the kitchen where she would tirelessly flip through cookbooks, help her family bake fresh bread, process fish and game, cook and share delicious meals and conversation together. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lea is drawn to tightly-knit communities with compelling food scenes where she seeks to learn anything and everything about food systems in and out of the kitchen. When not cooking or baking, Lea practices movement arts, rock climbs, skis, and adventures anywhere she can be outside..


Dishwashing Magician

Runner, Baker

Born in Florida, Avery moved to Livingston in middle school, and is now a Sophomore at Park High.  She runs cross country and is part of the Park High Green Initiative, a group of students working to make positive environmental change starting in their own community.  Outside of school and work, Avery enjoys hanging out with friends and walking her dogs.  She loves sloths, sharks and the color green!


Delivery Driver

Traveleler, Hiker, Explorer

Before and during her pursuit of education, Colleen has carved out time for cross-country road trips, long distance hiking, biking and organic farming abroad. She has recently graduated with her Master's in Occupational Therapy and looks forward to helping folks maximize their quality of life through engagement in meaningful activities. Colleen is most comfortable on a winding path and loves meandering around the valley, connecting you with healthy and delicious food.

We are proud to support our community through the following local organizations: