WHOLE AND NOURISHED Meals offers the busy and health-conscious go-getters of Bozeman a variety of healthy food to enjoy at home, at work and outside.

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Where do you deliver? How much does it cost?
We deliver to homes and businesses within 12 miles of downtown Bozeman and in downtown Livingston. Delivery under 8 miles costs $7, and 8-12 miles costs $12. You can check your distance from downtown with Google Maps. Free Pick-up is also available on Monday afternoon at Dino Drop-In and at the Livingston Food Resource Center.

Can I choose my delivery day?
Currently all food is made fresh over the weekend and delivered Monday afternoon.  never ordered meals before. Do I need to subscribe?

We're excited to cook for you! While there is no subscription for meal delivery, there is a risk-free, one time fee of $30 for new customers. This fee helps cover the cost of the coolers, ice packs, jars and lids used every week. It also includes delivery of your first order (or you can pick-up for $5 off the fee). Simply choose the New Customer Shipping option at check-out.

If, after your first or second order, you decide meal delivery is not right for you, you will be refunded your $30 fee. Simply contact us directly and return your cooler and containers for the refund.

I received a gift card, do I need to pay the $30 fee?
Nope, choose whatever shipping option you'd like. If you continue to order once your gift card is spent, we'll then ask for the one time fee.

What happens after I order?
After placing your first order, you will receive a welcome email that explains some of the details: your preferred drop-off location, how to return containers, and any questions you have. We love connecting with others through food, and we strive to build relationships to those we're preparing meals for. Of course, if you have questions before placing an order, please feel free to reach out!

What does "high-quality" mean? Is everything organic and local?
We're committed to using fresh, high-quality foods, organic and local when possible. All meat used is hormone and antibiotic free, and sustainably raised in Montana. We strive to use only organic for foods listed on the Dirty Dozen. The weekly menu contains a list of ingredients, with organic and local ingredients specified.

Are your foods allergen-free?
While we do not use foods that contain gluten, dairy or soy, we can not guarantee meals are completely free of these substances. They are being cooked in a facility that allows all types of food, and while we do everything we can to avoid cross-contamination, we do not recommend these meals if you have a severe allergy. Packaged ingredients I use (curry paste, sauces, etc.) may also be made in facilities that process allergenic foods. Ingredients are always listed on the product pages. If you have questions about specific ingredients, their origin or brand, please contact us directly.

Is there a minimum order?
Nope, no minimum order.

How long will the food last in the cooler before refrigerated?

Food is cooled before packaging, and placed into a cooler with ice packs. While they should stay cold for longer, I can not guarantee the safety of your food if it is not refrigerated within 6 hours of packaging, especially during the summer months. If you can not pick up your food or will not be home during delivery time, please make arrangements for someone to pick it up for you.

Can I freeze my meals?
Some of the meals, like soups, freeze very well. Please transfer to your own containers if you would like to freeze them.

Do you take special orders?
Cooking for a large group? Need to bring a dish to a party? With advance notice, we may be able to help! Contact us directly.

Do you sell gift certificates?

 Are containers reusable? Do I need to return them?
Most foods are packed in reusable, glass mason jars. Yes please return them! 
We ask that you rinse the jars and lids of any visible food, but please avoid placing lids in the dishwasher. They will be rewashed and sanitized in the kitchen. Place them back in the cooler, and we will pick them up during the next delivery day.  Alternately, you may drop them off or schedule a pick-up time if you will not be ordering the following week.  

You will also occasionally receive plastic containers (frozen products) and plastic baggies. While you do not need to return these, we do encourage you to wash and reuse them at home!

What do I do with the compostable containers?
Some meals do not fit well into mason jars. In order to offer these dishes without encouraging more waste, we use 100% compostable containers from World Centric.  These containers are oven safe to 450 degrees, so you can warm your meals without dirty dishes! If you don't do your own composting, we encourage you to participate in YES Compost, a local curbside compost business.