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"It's time to build a healthy and satisfying relationship to food, body and life."

Whole and Nourished 6-Month Coaching Program 
Currently not accepting health coaching clients.
Receive one-on-one guidance in exploring and fulfilling your deepest desires in health and life.  Together we identify and implement the nutrition and lifestyle habits that are in align with your higher purpose.  By starting from a place of authenticity and inspiration, you can finally commit to reaching your highest potential - body, mind and spirit.


6 months of exclusive coaching to help you FINALLY find peace in your relationship with food.

Twelve 75 minute coaching sessions, every first and third week.

Twelve 20 minute check in sessions, every second and fourth week.

A personalized program to suit your needs and desires.

One-on-one, confidential coaching sessions.

Weekly accountability to help you make lasting positive change.

Convenience of phone sessions, or in person in Bozeman, MT.

Unlimited e-mail support.
Not currently accepting health coaching clients. 

What to Expect:

A mind-body approach to healing your relationship with food.

You will learn tools and strategies to improve food quality, stressed eating, macronutrient balance, eating rhythm, and awareness around eating. These factors greatly influence your metabolism and overall health.

Explore and uncover the personal blocks that keep you from being your healthiest and happiest.

Learn to trust your body and its appetite.

Build a healthy, satisfying, and nourishing relationship to food and body.

Discover what inspires you to enjoy optimal health. Use this inspiration to finally commit.

As you become who you are truly meant to be, your body will become what it is meant to be.

​(716) 474-6017

Workshops and Events

Visit my Facebook Page for updates on scheduled group workshops. 

Topics may include: stress vs. relaxed eating, macronutrient balance, eating rhythm, food quality, food allergies, and more.
​You will leave with food for thought, and practical and useful strategies to transform your diet and relationship with food.