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    Cauliflower Rice

    This simple cauliflower "rice" is cooked with homemade veggie stock and topped with fresh parsley. This dish is included with this week's Meatloaf but also makes a nice side dish to nearly any meal.
    • 1 cup, pint, quart
    • GF, DF, SF
    • Ingredients: Cauliflower O, olive oil, veggie stock, onion, parsley, s&p.
    • To serve: Warm gently on the stove and serve with an entree as an alternative to grain or potato.
    • Enjoy within 5 days.
    O = organic
    L = local
    GF = gluten free
    DF = dairy free
    SF = soy free
    W30 = Whole30 Compliant

    Meals are made in a facility that uses gluten, dairy and soy, therefore they are not suitable for those with allergies.

    Photo represents food category, not the exact product for sale.