Farmented Foods - Radish Kimchi


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Farmented Foods - Radish Kimchi
Farmented Foods - Radish Kimchi
Made and Packaged by Farmented Foods in Bozeman, MT
Radish Kimchi
Locally grown, organic daikon radishes, organic ginger and other organic spices are fermented together to make a deliciously different local kimchi. Every jar of kimchi is made with ugly vegetables that small farmers cannot traditionally sell due to their funky appearance. By purchasing a delicious jar of Farmented's Radish Kimchi,  you're not only purchasing a delicious and more versatile kimchi jam-packed with probiotics, but you're also helping your local farmers be more sustainable!
  • 1 16oz Jar
  • GF, DF, SF, W30, contains anchovies
  • Ingredients: Organic Radishes, Sea Salt, Organic Green Onion, Organic Korean Red Pepper, Organic Fish Sauce (Anchovies), Organic Garlic, Organic Ginger
  • To serve: top off your favorite egg dish, add to your tacos or enjoy inside a delicious "kim-cheese" (grilled cheese with kimchi in the middle)! Keep refrigerated even before opening - will last for months in the fridge!

 O = organic
L = local
GF = gluten free
DF = dairy free
SF = soy free

Farmented Foods - Radish Kimchi
Farmented Foods - Radish Kimchi

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