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    Vickie's Pierogies - This Week Only!


    We no longer sell Vickie's Pierogies. To order, please visit Vickie's website directly at


    Made and packaged by Vickie’s Pierogies in Bozeman, MT

    For this week only you can order Vickie's Potato-Cheese or Three Mushroom Cabbage Pierogies. 

    Potato-Cheese pierogies are filled with delicious Kimm’s Organic Potatoes, slightly caramelized onions and garlic, and rbST-free cheddar cheese. Three Mushroom-Cabbage pierogies are filled with delectable Strike Farms organic cabbage, mouthwatering mushrooms, and savory onions. Fillings are wrapped in a velvety dough made with Wheat Montana flour, organic eggs and real sea salt.

    Pair with this week's Braised Cabbage w/Kielbasa!

    • 1 package (6 pierogies) serves 1-2; includes a side of sour cream for serving; packaged in a compostable container.
    • Potato-Cheese Ingredients:  Potato O, Caramelized Onions (Onions & Butter), Cheddar Cheese, Garlic, Real Sea Salt, Pepper & Pierogi Dough (Wheat, Water, Eggs O and Real Sea Salt)
    • Three Mushroom-Cabbage Ingredients:  Cabbage OL, Mushrooms (White-Button, Shiitake OL, & Oyster OL), Onions, Butter, Real Sea Salt, Pepper & Pierogi Dough (Wheat L, Water, Eggs O and Real Sea Salt)
    • To serve:  Heat oil or butter (ghee recommended) in skillet over medium heat. Place pierogies in single layer and cook until filling is heated (2-3 minutes per side). Serve with sour cream. Also consider pairing with Farmented dill sauerkraut, available this week!
    • Enjoy within 3 days or freeze in airtight bag or container.

    O = Organic
    L = Local

    Pierogi, a traditional Eastern European dumpling, was named the coolest dumpling by EATER in 2016! Vickie Backus of Vickie’s Pierogies thinks hers are super cool because she hand makes them in small batches using her grandma’s recipe and local and mostly organic ingredients.  Her loyal farmer’s market customers agree.

    Be sure to check out Vickie's Pierogies FB page!