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Do you value whole, high-quality, balanced meals?
Would you like food that keeps your mind clear for work, your body energized for activity, and your soul nourished and satisfied?
Do you want more time to do what you love most?

With Whole and Nourished Meals, We do what We love most,
so you have the time and energy to do what you love most!

WHOLE AND NOURISHED Meals offers the busy and health-conscious go-getters of Bozeman a variety of healthy food to enjoy at home, at work and outside.

Every week we design a diverse menu to help you stock your refrigerator and pantry. Whether you need something to pack for lunch, some healthy snack options, or a couple hot meals for the dinner table, we'll have you covered.  Some foods arrive ready to eat, and others just need to be reheated or assembled to suit your individual needs.  

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The week's menu is available to order from Friday through the Wednesday prior to delivery. All meals are prepared over the weekend, and delivered on Monday between 4 and 8pm.

Await Delivery

After ordering, you can relax. We will do the shopping, chopping, dicing, cooking and packaging. Go about your life and know that we're doing our best to provide you with high-quality, delicious and satisfying food for the next week! On Monday, your meals will be packed in glass containers, placed in a cooler with an ice pack, and delivered to your door or available for pick-up by evening. 

Enjoy Healthy, Delicious Meals at Home, at Work and Outside

When you're finished, simply wash glass containers and lids of food debris, no need to put through the dishwasher as they will be sanitized at the kitchen. I will pick up your cooler and reusable containers during the week's delivery, or you can drop them off at the pick-up location. Enjoy feeling healthy and nourished, and go do what you love most!

High-Quality Food for Health and Planet

Whole and Nourished is committed to using fresh, high-quality foods, organic and local when possible.

We're proud to use:

Meat that is free from hormones and antibiotics, sustainably raised in Montana.

Yellowstone Grassfed Beef.

Local and Organic salad greens.

Fresh-Squeezed Citrus. We squeeze our own lemons, limes and oranges for your salad dressings, mayonnaise and more.

Fresh, locally grown garlic. Never the peeled stuff from a package.  

Olive, coconut, avocado and sesame oils. 

High-quality meat and veggie stocks. Stock ingredients include nothing but bones, vegetables, and herbs.


Homemade mayonnaise and salad dressings.




"What a terrific service for our community. The food is AMAZING! Heather is delightful. Our coaches and clients order weekly meals and love it. What a great and easy way to ensure you're eating real tasty whole foods on a regular basis!"

Leslie Allen, owner of True Spirit Crossfit & Yoga

"A friend and I are embarking on a month of Whole30.  Heather's food has been amazing and the containers have stayed fresh and delicious. The soups were flavorful and satiating, the salads crisp with great flavors and textures, and the chicken salad was delicious scooped into green pepper quarters for a crunchy snack or meal. Thanks Heather."
-Courtney Lawellin

Courtney Lawellin

"As a new business owner in the health and wellness space, fueling my body for all it has to do every day has to be a priority, but it's been a challenge to find a healthy, cost-effective, efficient and yummy way to do that - until I started placing a weekly order with Whole and Nourished. The food is incredibly amazing, the ordering/pick up process is completely hassle free, and I eat well all week because everything is packaged in a way that allows you to eat healthily on the go. I have more energy, feel more organized, and am spending less money on food because the best meals are already in my fridge. Thank you, Heather!"

Carolyn Williams, owner, Zephyr Cycling Studio

"What a wonderful treat! Sunday, heather delivered our food right to our front door. It took the stress out of trying to prepare healthy lunches for the week! - the food was fresh and delicious and the price was great! We will continue to utilize this wonderful service!"

Cynthia Soriana  

"Loving meal delivery! Amazing flavors, so convenient and and monthly grocery spending is actually going down - an unexpected bonus. Currently enjoying Vietnamese noodle and greens salad with fresh herbs. I added avocado and boiled egg because that's what was in the fridge. SO flavorful and satisfying. Thanks Heather!"

Stephanie Gibson

"Heather definitely adds the secret ingredient of "love" into her cooking. The food we have received is delicious made even better by knowing only the best ingredients are used! One of the best decisions I have made was to order food from "Whole and Nourished"!"

H. Jakob

"Fantastic food! The passion for high quality and delicious food is obvious. Everything is top notch. This is a great option for those who desire food that is both flavorsome and nourishing."

Ryan Hygon

"I am so excited and grateful to have this option in Bozeman. You can tell that Heather puts a lot of love and passion into her meals and service. Everything is full of fresh, simple, delicious ingredients and I find myself eagerly anticipating the next week's menu. Super grateful."

Jen Hoyord

"So delicious and convenient! I took a delicious Thai soup, added a piece of cod, and had a healthy meal in 10 min. We have needed a dietary-preference sensitive meal preparation service in Bozeman for so long!"

Heather Kahler

Heather McDonnell

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