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    Pork Chorizo w/Chickpeas and Chard


    This flavorful, stew-like Chickpea and Chorizo dish is delicious on its own or served with a simple salad or crusty bread. Cordova Farms pasture-raised pork chorizo is sauteed with spices and locally grown chard. Montana's Timeless Foods Garbanzo Beans are cooked in broth before being added to the Chorizo mix. The dish is topped with toasted pine nuts.

    • Size options: 1 pint, 1 quart
    • 1 pint includes 4 oz chorizo, 1 Tbsp pine nuts
    • Packaged in glass
    • GF, DF, SF,  🌶
    • Ingredients: Cordova Farms pork chorizo L, Timeless Foods MT-grown garbanzo beans OL, rainbow chard OL, onion O, garlic, carrot O, spices, pine nuts, s&p.
    • To serve: Warm gently on the stove. Serve w/bread and/or a simple green salad. 
    • Enjoy within 5 days.

    O = organic
    L = local
    GF = gluten free
    DF = dairy free
    SF = soy free

    🌶 = While we strive to keep all items on the mild side, this item may be a tad spicy, not suitable for sensitive individuals or children.

    Meals are made in a facility that uses gluten, dairy and soy, therefore they are not suitable for those with allergies.