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    Pork Lettuce Wraps w/Mango-Jalapeno Salsa

    These lettuce wraps make for a hearty yetrefreshing meal. Cordova Farms pork shoulder is slow-cooked in a mix of onion and spices. Salsa is made with mango, jalapenos and fresh-squeezed lime juice. At home, roll pork into beautiful leaves of local Bibb lettuce and top with salsa for a healthy and delicious meal. 1 serving feeds 1-2.
    • Size options: 1 serving, 2 servings
    • 1 serving includes 8oz pork (about 1 cup), 1/2 cup salsa and 1/2 head of butter lettuce for wrapping
    • Packaged in glass and compostable containers
    • GF, DF, SF
    • Ingredients: Pork shoulder OL, onion O, veggie stock (onions O, carrots O, celery O, mushrooms O, parsnips O, parsley O, basil O, thyme, garlic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, s&p), olive oil, spices, s&p.
    • Salsa Ingredients: Mango, cilantro OL, shallot, jalapeno OL, lime juice & salt.
    • To serve: Warm pork gently on the stove. Fill lettuce leaves with pork and top with salsa.
    • Enjoy within 5 days.

    O = organic
    L = local
    GF = gluten free
    DF = dairy free
    SF = soy free

    Meals are made in a facility that uses gluten, dairy and soy, therefore they are not suitable for those with severe allergies.